HK Protests Continue to Hit Fine Dining Restauants

Prolonged HK Protests have adversely affected retail and FB industries. Fine Dining Restaurants started to feel the pain from more booking cancellations HK protests have no sign to end yet. Industries such as hotel, retail as well as food and beverage have already felt the pain. Among all, fine dining restaurants have got increasing booking cancellation by tourists and overseas…

What should HK Restaurants & Food Industry Do as Protests Continues?

What can HK restaurant owners do as F&B Industry has been rocked by constant protests against the extradition bill? HK protests against the extradition bill have shook the city and HK restaurant owners. Scenes happened in HK has shocked many tourists, expatriates and restaurant owners. While political requests have yet to be answered, we don’t know when it will end….

Which are the Best All-day Cafés in Hong Kong?

When All-Day Cafés has become a Restaurant Trend, what are the reasons behind, and which are the best All-day Cafes in Hong Kong? Coffee shops are breaking free from their serving-coffee-only reputation and turning into all-day cafés. Unique food and beverages are now emerging on their all-day café menus. Before diving into some must-visit all-day cafés, let’s find out the…

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