Client Profiles


Arcane is a French restaurant located in one of the prime business districts of HK that offers fine European cuisine. The restaurant won the Michelin 1st Star in 2018 and was opened by award winning chef Shane Osborn, the first Australian chef to win one and two Michelin stars.


Bedu is a modern Middle Eastern Restaurant & Bar in Central Hong Kong. Bedu showcases the region’s diverse street food culture through a contemporary approach in the kitchen, on the floor and behind the bar.


Bibo is a French restaurant located in the Central district of Hong Kong. Bibo combines the atmosphere of French form with the work of renowned street artists to create a fresh and hospitable experience.

Boba Bear

Boba Bear is the first Shisha bar that came from the United States to Hong Kong. The bar provides a unique cultural experience for all who visit and also creates a diverse atmosphere due to its history in Los Angeles.


Café Siam

Cafè Siam is a Michelin Guide Restaurant that features Thai cuisine. This establishment features a mix between old world colonial charm and contemporary design.



Cornerstone is a causal French restaurant by celebrity chef Shane Osborn and his team. With no comprise of food quality, Cornerstone’s menu is very affordable. A cosy and comfortable dining place!

Deliveroo Editions

Being the first Deliveroo Editions establishment in HK, Deliveroo Editions is a fresh and innovative take on the traditional F&B industry. Deliveroo has redefined eating habits by bringing the food closer to the customer.



DOUBLESHOT by CUPPING ROOM is a new all-day drinking and dining concept by Cupping Room Coffee Roasters. Located at Hollywood Road in Central. Its minimalist design with openable windows provides a comfortable environment to customers.




Ecriture is a Japanese inspired French dining establishment that features the best of French and Japanese ingredients with minimalist decor. Ecriture is located on the 26th floor in one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts, giving the restaurant a phenomenal view as well as a unique position.



Named by CNN to be one of the Top 7 World’s Best Speakeasy Bars, Foxglove exudes a sense of luxury with an elegant style. It also creates a fusion between Old World charm and modern charisma.


Fruits & Fibre

Fruits & Fibre provides vitamin-and-nutrient-rich beverages which include slow-pressed juices, protein shake juices and freshly squeezed juices, as well as smoothies and herbal teas. All beverages don’t only taste good, but also helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Honi Honi

Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge was the first tiki cocktail bar in Asia, and was named 29th in Asia’s Best 50 Bars in 2016. The Cocktail Lounge brings in modern Polynesian drinks into the heart of Hong Kong and reinvents traditional tiki concepts.


HYC Bar and Lounge

HYC Bar & Lounge is a hookah bar and lounge located in Tsim Sha Tsui. HYC is beautifully built with access to an exclusive roof top. Overlooking a panoramic view of Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Harbour.



A diverse sandwich shop located in Sheung Wan, Knead offers customers the chance to chooses from a wide rage of ingredients to create the best fitting sandwich. Knead specializes in customer choice yet maintains a carefully selected and satisfying menu.


La Rotisserie(Sheung Wan)

La Rotisserie brings in a traditional French method of roasting meat into HK. By utilizing a diverse range of spices, seasonings, and sauces, a little bit of rural France is brought into urban Hong Kong.

Monteverdi Restaurant

Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar is the second restaurant outlet by Monteverdi Concept, after the success of  Trattoria Caffe’ Monteverdi. If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine, Monteverdi Restaurant is for sure the best place to go!


Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is a neighbourhood grill and smokehouse on a hip street in Wan Chai Hong Kong. A variety of cuisines are smoked, roasted, baked and grilled into perfection. Its open kitchen and bar add extra cosy touch on Mr. Brown.



Ohana is a tiki bar and hookah lounge that blends customer enjoyment and environmental consciousness into a singular goal. By reducing its carbon footprint in every step, Ohana distinguishes itself from the rest of the cocktail world.



Noodleholic is an authentic Chinese Noodle Shop that has been operating in HK for years. This restaurant serves food made with fresh and delicious ingredients.


Salt and Barrel

Salt and Barrel is a taproom and kebaberie restaurant that has been serving handmade, specially crafted kebabs using premium cuts, fresh seafood, and quality vegetables. This restaurant has utilized unique spice blends with traditional cooing techniques to create a satisfying meal.


Serge et le Phoque

Despite being in the back of the Wan Chai markets, Serge et le Phoque proves to be an exemplary French restaurant that contains an outstanding menu with hospital service. Having been given the Michelin 1st Star, Serge et le Phoque truly stands out for the inventive and tasty dishes.

Smoke & Barrels

New concept by Cupping Room. Smoke & Barrels is a Southern American smokehouse and delicatessen, offering grab-and-go sandwiches, smoked meat platters and New Orleans-styled beverages. A standalone bakery brand “La Vina” is also introduced in Smoke & Barrels. Don’t miss the best cheesecake in town!


Stellar House

Stellar House brings in traditional Cantonese cuisine that was previously exclusive for private club members into a public, restaurant setting. Both the interior design and the elegant dishes exhibit the luxuries of fine dining that forms the foundation of Stellar House.


ThinkWine HK

ThinkWine HK is co-founded by 2 top French sommeliers – Romain Loriot and JB Issele. The wine bar is decorated in a cosy manner.  You can try over 700 labels of wines from all over the world. Food menu is also extensive for pairing with wines.


Tulsi & Wine

Tulsi and Wine offers an authentic Indian taste coupled with a comfortable environment. This Indian fusion restaurant offers wonderful service with great food.



Umi is the combination between traditional Japanese styles combined with  Hong Kong’s landmarks and history. Umi uses a minimalist interior design supported with intricate woodwork to create an inviting experience.


11 Westside

11 Westside brings Mexican food from the Mexican-American border to Hong Kong. With a comfortable, family setting, 11 Westside showcases the best of the Westside environment to a contemporary city.



Zentro is a relaxing and comfortable restaurant and bar in the central district of Hong Kong. Zentro features an extensive menu of fusion dishes and provides quick and efficient service to its customers.


Zentro East

Zentro East is a modern restaurant and bar in a new shopping and dining landmark in Causeway Bay Hong Kong. A wide variety of seasonal dishes and exotic drinks are served there.