All-day Cafe Bar for Rent in HK Happy Valley

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Type Status Location Price Area (s.f.)1,024ParkingNearbyFittingWith fittingRentHK$110,000

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All-day Cafe and Bar for Rent. With wide frontage. A backyard too. With laid back vibe. Best for your all-day FB concept!

This all-day cafe and bar for rent is in Happy Valley, a neighbourhood district in HK Island.

Although Happy Valley is not far from Causeway Bay, it’s an area to escape from the busy life in city. No wonder, Happy Valley is indeed a haven for all-day cafes or bars.

Besides, the F&B shop for lease is not in a main street. Its backyard and open shop frontage further provide a relaxing feel to customers.

A few more restaurants in Happy Valley, are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.

All-day Cafe Bar for Rent [More about Happy Valley]

This all-day cafe and bar for rent is in Happy Valley (跑馬地). It is an upper income residential area in Hong Kong.

Previously, Happy Valley was named as Wong Nai Chung Valley. It was once a mud-filled river. The district has then developed into a residential area since 1846. At that time, the Happy Valley Racecourse was in full operation.

Apparently, Happy Valley is not only famous of its racecourse. But the luxurious Hong Kong Jockey Club also resides there.

Apparently, the community in Happy Valley includes a mix of Hong Kong natives and foreigners.

Consequently, the mixture of residents has attracted a number of international restaurants and bars to Happy Valley.

Among all, Pang’s Kitchen (彭慶記) is a Chinese restaurant in Happy Valley. One Michelin Starred restaurant too. This restaurant is always packed since its opening in 2001. Worth to try!

Cheung Hing Coffee Shop (祥興咖啡室) is a local tea house in Happy Valley since 1951. If you’re looking for a classic Hong Kong style breakfast, it’s also a place to visit.


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Ground floor
Rectangular layout

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