Causeway Bay Upstairs FB Shop with Fitting for Rent

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)3,416ParkingNearbyFittingWith fittingRent134,500

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Causeway Bay Upstairs FB Shop with Fitting for Rent. Nearby Times Square. Bar Fitting and Furnitures stay. Save money to build from scratch!  

This Causeway Bay upstairs FB shop for rent is not only close by MTR station. But also only 3 minutes’ walk from Times Square. If you’re looking for restaurant space with high traffic from day to night,  this is definitely a good option.

The F&B Shop for Lease is in the hottest spot of dining. In addition, the building is also popular for restaurant and bar goers. At the moment, all fittings are intact. But renovation is required if you’ll need a big kitchen.

Consequently, a few more Restaurants in Causeway Bay, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.


More about Yiu Wa Street [Causeway Bay Upstairs FB Shop]

This Causeway Bay upstairs FB shop is on Yiu Wa Street (耀華街). It is a street in Causeway Bay of Hong Kong.

As we might aware, Yiu Wa Street is short but quite popular for foodie fans. It’s located right behind Sharp Street East, a block away from Times Square. A tranquil street hidden behind the busy crowds in Causeway Bay indeed!

Yiu Wah Street is less than 100 meters long. Even for local people, we might not know about Yiu Wah Street.

Before, the street was once boasted with funky boutiques by day and sleek lounges by night. With the increasing demand of F&B shops, some of boutiques are gradually driven out from the street and taken by restaurants, dessert shops and cafes.

Some F&B operators also go upstairs for bigger space and cheaper rents.

Undoubtedly, Yiu Wah Street has now become a haven of bars and foodie street. A hip area for young people to hang around too.

Among all, Coffee Academics Flagship Store is tucked at corner of Yiu Wah Street. Its high ceiling, exposed brick walls and low hanging lights make Coffee Academics look like an urban loft more than a coffee shop. Why not sip a coffee and lay back for a while there!


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