High-ceiling Upstairs Restaurant with Fitting for Lease in HK

Property Detail

Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)3,574FittingWith fittingRentHK$150,000

Property Description

High-ceiling Upstairs Restaurant with Fitting for rent. In Causeway Bay HK. Shopping and foodie area. Surrounded by office crowds too!

This high-ceiling upstairs restaurant with fitting is a F&B Shop for Lease in Hong Kong. The space is not only with nice decor, its ceiling is extremely high which creates a comfortable seating environment.

Even though this restaurant space is in a key commercial district in Hong Kong, its unit rent is far more affordable than that on street level. If you’re looking for F&B shop with fitting, this floor should be one of your options.

A few more Restaurants in Causeway Bay, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.


More about Hoi Ping Road [High-ceiling Upstairs Restaurant with Fitting]

This high-ceiling upstairs restaurant with fitting for rent is on Hoi Ping Road (開平道), which is a street in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.

Geographically, Hoi Ping Road intersects with Leighton Road and Caroline Hill Road. While Lee Garden Three is also on Hoi Ping Road, the road has become an icon of hip dining & entertainment spot.

As Hoi Ping Road is in the hub of Lee Gardens, so it’s somewhere rich “Tai Tai” (ladies) are hanging around. Obviously, it’s a high-spending shopping and dining spot in Causeway Bay.

Among all new restaurants, Belgos is a Belgium restaurant on Hoi Ping Road in Causeway Bay. Notably, the restaurant’s cool decor. Besides, its outdoor seating has drawn a number of foodie crowds there.

Also, trying one of the most popular Japanese pancake is another hip thing around there. We are talking around a new Japanese pancake shop in Lee Garden Three – A Happy Pancake. In any time during the day. there is a long queue waiting for its soufflé pancakes.


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