HK Central Cafe for Rent in Central Business District

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)3,360ParkingNearbyFittingWith fittingRentHK$255,500

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HK Central Cafe for Rent in a nice corner. With Chill Decor and Exclusive Shop Entrance. In Business District of HK. With Foodie Traffic! 

This HK Central cafe for rent situates at a nice corner of central business district. The shop layout not only provides a welcoming entrance, but also a spacious internal area for any chill restaurant, cafe or bar.

The F&B Shop for Lease is just steps from Queen’s Road Central. Also, top hotels and multinational head offices are around. Apparently, high spending foodie traffic is there.

A few more restaurants in Central, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.


More about Duddell Street [HK Central Cafe for Rent]

This HK Central cafe for rent is on Duddell Street (都爹利街). It’s a short yet nice street in Central of Hong Kong.

Geographically, Duddell Street stretches from Ice House Street to Queen’s Road Central.

Actually, the street is famous its four gas-powered street lamps. While all other street lamps in Hong Kong are now electric. Only these four are still using town gas. Can’t you believe it!

In reality, the Gas Company continues the operation of the lamps as a demonstration of its historic interest. Duddell Street Steps and Gas Lamps are Declared Monuments of Hong Kong.

As a result, the street has become an attraction of wedding photo-shooting and tourist’s snapshots.

In addition, Duddell Street is also the homage of chill restaurants and bars.

For example, the bi-level Duddell’s (都爹利會館) is not only a Chinese restaurant, but also a hip cocktail bar.

Besides, Foxglove, a speakeasy bar and restaurant, is on Duddell Street. It not only offers a wide selection of rare spirits, but also Japanese cask-strength whiskies. Indeed, Foxglove is a great place for chill-out nights!

No wonder that Foxglove has got a number of recognition overseas since its opening by late 2015.

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Ground floor
Speakeasy location

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