Hong Kong Sheung Wan Wide-frontage F&B Shop for Lease

Property Detail

Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)2,600ParkingNearbyFittingWith fittingLicenceWith licenceRentHKD$150,000

Property Description

Hong Kong Sheung Wan Wide-frontage F&B shop for Lease. Easy reach out to office and residential foodie crowds. Wide shop frontage. Efficient layout. Rare in market!

The F&B shop  is located on Queen’s Road West in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Easy reach to office and residential foodie crowds.

Wide shop frontage. Efficient layout. Rare in market!

A few more Sheung Wan restaurants, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.

More about Queen’s Road West

Queen’s Road West (皇后大道西) is a road covering Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

It runs from Sheung Wan to Shek Tong Tsui. It begins in Sheung Wan at the junction with Possession Street and ends where it meets the coastal road, Kennedy Town Praya.

Queen’s Road is a collection of roads in Hong Kong along the northern coast of Hong Kong Island. It was the first road in Hong Kong, constructed by the British between 1841 and 1843, spanning from Shek Tong Tsui to Wan Chai.

The four sections of the Queen’s Roads, from west to east, are respectively: Queen’s Road West ( 皇后大道西), Queen’s Road Central (皇后大道中), Queensway(金鐘道), and Queen’s Road East (皇后大道東).

When Hong Kong was founded as a British Crown Colony in 1842, Queen’s Road was the hub of the island’s activity.

Chan Kan Kee (陳勤記鹵鵝飯店)is a Chiu Chow Restaurant offering a whole line of traditional chiu chow traditional dishes such as oyster pie and oyster congee. Spiced goose is also its signature.

Shung Hing Chiu Chow Restaurant (尚興潮州飯店) is also a famous Chiu Chow Restaurant on Queen’s Road West. Salty cold crab is the most popular cuisine, which is mixed up with more than 10 kinds of Marinades.

Okra Hong Kong is a Japanese restaurant served by an American passionate chef and owner.

It’s composed of 2 floors. The Kitchen, a casual Izakaya, focusing on artisanal food and craft sake. Upstairs is a bar serving sushi Omakase only.


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Property Features

Ground floor
Rectangular layout
Wide shop frontage
High efficiency

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