Pottinger Street Bar Space for Lease

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)4,000FittingPartial FittingLicenceNo LicenceRent250,000

Property Description

Pottinger Street Bar Space in Central for Lease. A Speakeasy Location. Best for Bars or Private Club. Yet easy access from office area.

The F&B shop is located on Pottinger Street. Exclusive entrance on Pottinger Street. Very private and prestigious. Stone slab steps on the street outside provide a perfect place to chit chat.

No shop frontage yet direct access on street level is a “speakeasy” layout for any bars and clubs.

It’s traditionally a destination of a high-end private club from Europe. The shop is close to Wyndham Street and Wellington Street, easy access and drop-by by cars.


More about Pottinger Street

Pottinger Street is  a street in Central of Hong Kong. It is also called  “Stone Slabs Street” (石板街) by local people since the street is paved by granite stone steps.

The street was built up on sloping landscape between Queen’s Road Central and Hollywood Road.

This section is entirely paved by stone slabs. It crosses Stanley Street and Wellington Street and ends at the west of Hollywood Road, which meets Wyndham Street.

In old Hong Kong era, Chinese and Western residents used to live separately in different districts with invisible boundary.

Pottinger Street once acted as a rough division of the two groups. Chinese used to stay west of the street and Westerners to the east.

Pottinger Street is also well known for party goers or people looking for costumes, face masks and accessories for parties.

The street and around are the most favorable locations for bars and restaurants where can ensure good foodie traffic.

Due to the expensive retail rent on Queen’s Road Central, some F&B operators have to go upstairs.

Ta Vie is a Michelin’s star French-Japanese restaurant which go upstairs on Stanley Street.

Couples of starred chefs also have their venues upstairs. Examples include Arcane Restaurant by celebrity chef Shane Osborn, ON Dining by starred chef Philippe Orricco.

Upstairs space with terrace is also preferred by bar operators. Honi Honi Tiki Lounge, named as one of the best bars in Hong Kong and 50 Best in Asia, is situated on upstairs on Wellington Street.


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Property Features

Rectangular layout
Speakeasy location

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