Hong Kong Central Soho Signature F&B Shop for Lease

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)3,500FittingWith fittingLicenceWith LicenceRent500,000

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Hong Kong Central Soho Elgin Street Signature F&B Shop for Lease. Next to Soho Escalator. Wide shop frontage. High ceiling. Designated location for large-scale bar and restaurant.

The F&B shop for lease is located at Elgin Street in Central Soho, Hong Kong.  Conveniently connected by Soho escalator from core Central.

Wide shop frontage. High ceiling. Designated location for any large-scale bar and restaurant.

A few more Elgin Street restaurants, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.


More about Elgin Street

Elgin Street (伊利近街) is a street in Central, Hong Kong.

It is one of the earliest streets in Hong Kong.

In older days, the street was muddy during the raining days, as time goes by, lots of improvement were made and it has become a popular spot for tourists, foodie lovers and bar hipsters.

The street begins at a low elevation of Hollywood Road and ends high at Caine Road on Mid-levels.

Elgin Street is divided into two sections by the junction with Peel Street and Staunton Street. Despite its sloping, the street is full of surprises and variety of bars and restaurants.

Dai Pai Dongs used to be old cheap eats in Hong Kong. But it has been increasingly rare sight on our streets nowadays.

Leaf Dessert, selling Chinese noodles and red bean soup, is the only Tai Pai Dong on Elgin Street, which is one of the few left in Central, apart from those on Stanley Street and Gough Street.

Ho Lee Fook (口利福) is a funky Chinese restaurant on Elgin Street by Black Sheep. It is one of the pioneers in bringing fusion Chinese cuisine to Central.

Linguini Fini is an Italian restaurant has a wide frontage next to Soho Escalator. Its herb garden in backyard and alfresco seating, is a pleasant chill-out place on Elgin Street.

Boba Bear is a shisha bar on Elgin Street from Los Angeles. A modern type, techy hookah place. It has brought a new shisha bar culture to Hong Kong.

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Property Features

Ground floor
High ceiling
Wide shop frontage

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