Soho Upstairs FB Shop for Lease in Central HK

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price Area (s.f.)4,747ParkingNearbyFittingWith fittingRentHK$150,000

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HK Soho Upstairs FB Shop for Lease. With fitting. Steps from Soho Escalator. Reach office crowds in Central, and Residents around!

This Soho upstairs FB Shop for Lease is close by Soho escalator. Due to its convenient location, the shop can reach both office and residential crowds.

Apart from a wide balcony, the entrance lobby is decent. If you’re looking for a unique restaurant space with affordable rental, this upstairs FB shop  is a perfect option.

A few more restaurants in Central, which are also taking part in our Hong Kong F&B community, are among choices at your fingertips.


More about Staunton Street [Soho Upstairs FB Shop]

This Soho upstairs FB shop for lease is on Staunton Street (士丹頓街). It is a street in Soho Central, Hong Kong.

Together with the upper section of Elgin Street, Staunton Street is the heart of the Soho entertainment area. It’s also a hot spot featuring many international restaurants, bars and clubs.

While the street runs on the hilly contour, it crosses or has junctions with Graham Street, Peel Street, Elgin Street and Aberdeen Street.

Most importantly, the Central-Mid-levels escalator (so called Soho escalator) bisects Staunton Street. Its opening in 1994 brought rapid change to the streets and around. Among all, the escalator has facilitate the traffic of people from core Central to and fro Mid-Central.

Improved accessibility by the escalator also brought increased traffic and life to Soho Central. Hence, the area has become a popular spot for both local or international eateries.

In addition, Staunton Street is a must-go foodie and drinking paradise in Soho Central by tourists, expatriates and hipsters.

Apparently, several F&B groups have started to set up their flagship restaurants and bars in Soho Central for years.

To name a few, Staunton’s Wine Bar & Café by Staunton’s Group is voted as “best people watching spot” in Hong Kong. Its iconic venue on the corner of Staunton Street is one not to miss. People not only like to gather outside the bar, but also enjoy their beers and chit-chat with friends.


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